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This is a listing of all the featured programs in the program catalog. You can view the brochure for any of these programs by clicking on the program name.
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Denmark: Child and Family Well-Being in Workfare and Welfare States
Copenhagen, Denmark

Terms: May Term
Description: Overview: For the second time, faculty leaders, Paula Sheridan and Lisa Ibanez and their class will explore the ways in which welfare and workfare states contribute to teh well-being of children and families.&nbs p;[...]
Greece: Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea: Why the Greeks Matter
Athens, Greece; Delphi, Greece; Nafplion, Greece; Naxos, Greece; Olympia, Greece

Terms: May Term
Description: Overview: Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Professor[...]
Peru: Anthropology in the Andean Highlands: The Enduring Legacy of Inca Culture
Cusco, Peru

Terms: May Term
Description:   Overview: Faculty leader and Professor of Anthropology, Teresa Delfin and her class will explore the enduring presence of Inca culture in the Andean Highlands of Peru. APPLY HERE: rse/view.php?id=14792 Throughout[...]
Spain: Spanish Golden Age Theater in Almagro Spain
Almagro, Spain

Terms: May Term
Description: Professor Gustavo Geirola's trip is about experience: living life in a small Spanish town and the living stage.  (Read more about Professor Geirola.) APPLY HERE:  This course [...]